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ESL are leading designers, manufacturers suppliers and installers of products and services for the elderly and disabled with a particular emphasis upon the adaptation of both public and private dwellings. Full details of our extensive range of products and services can be found on this site which also contains links to a number of other information sources.

What We Do?

The company develops, manufactures and markets products for installation in the homes of physically disabled people - formerly just bathrooms, but now also kitchens.

Its What We Do Best

Our aim is to improve the quality of life of the physically disabled, to enhance healthcare workers' working environments and to provide a better and long-term solution for the managers responsible for investment. Pressalit Care's approach to this task can be summed up by the motto: keep living!

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As a natural consequence, product development is based on the needs of users, and also, where appropriate, of helpers, and through its many years of collaboration with users and care and treatment groups the company has acquired considerable expertise in the design of homes for physically disabled people. Today the company operates throughout the world, among other things providing service and advice on room design.

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